"An outstanding Girls' Grammar School with a Mixed Sixth Form"
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Year 10


Assistant Head - Main School (Yrs 7 - 10)
Mr B Love
Head of Main School & responsibility for Year 7
Mrs A Schwarz
Main school pastoral support - Mrs T Jarvis

Year 10 HOY - Mrs E Spinks

Form tutors

10C Mr B Groom
10J Mrs C Aurikko/Miss L Goulding
10N Miss V White
10P Mr R Hempsall
10S Mrs J Lord


The Year 10 Pastoral Team

“A warm welcome to parents, carers and of course my wonderful year 10 students! As you are aware, I am Mrs Hickman, Head of Year. I have brought this year group through from Year 8 and I will stay with them until the end of Year 11. Lucky you, Year 10!

As the students’ Head of Year I am responsible for their overall pastoral care, as well as monitoring and tracking their academic progress across all subjects.

I would like to say how wonderful it has been to have the year group back together and how proud I am of them for coping during this incredibly challenging time.

I know from the surveys I asked students to complete in July, that some of them have expressed concerns about starting their GCSEs after such a long period of home learning. Some students have also said that they are feeling less confident too.  I would like to reassure them that this is completely natural, even more so given the circumstances.

Students, parents and carers, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or need further support. “
Mrs Hickman, Head of Year

"It is so lovely to see you all back in School again.
My role as your Pupil Support Co-ordinator means that I work closely with Mrs Hickman, Head of Main School, other Heads of Year’s 7-10, Form Tutors and of course all you wonderful pupils in Year 10. I have worked at SHS for over 12 years and in my role, I provide pastoral support to pupils in various ways. You may have a concern about School, a friend or something personal to you and I will always do my best to help you and point you in the right direction. No question is ever irrelevant or silly, so please do not worry about asking it. It is always better to chat than worry alone as there will always be an answer/options you may not have thought of. You can either get in contact with me directly by email, or speak to your Form Tutor and I can arrange a time and place to catch up.
Kind regards"
Mrs T Jarvis

What makes our Year 10 students special?

10C      Form tutor: Mrs Bennett
“Well what can be said about us? All, well nearly all, are now taller than Mrs Bennett. We are the best- no one can take away our success at House Dance last year. Some of us are great at sport, some at art, some are always happy some are often moody. We have a form mum (thanks Grace), some of us bake, some of us love cats or parrots or monkeys and we have our own eco-warrior. We know each other well and look out for each other.”

10J      Form tutor: Mr Ganger
'We are an extremely fun and incredibly creative form that all get along and love to support each other. Sometimes we are lazy and sad, BUT we help each other to improve our moods and get active. We keep ourselves (and our form tutor) entertained with our quirky nature, and bond over our diverse interests. '

10N     Form tutor: Miss Pettefar
“We each have unique personalities and generally (despite our friendship issues) are good friends who get along well. We are a sensible form and teachers often comment on how well we work. Even though we are not always the best at sport, we persevere and give it a go…

Form time makes us feel happy. We are charismatic, charitable, kind, caring, supportive, and willing to help one another. We support the gender variety in our form and are open-minded and accepting of one another’s differences. It is nice that we are a diverse mixture of personalities and talents. We look out for each other but are also nice to the other form groups.

We enjoy laughing, even at things that are not all that funny. We just like to laugh! OUR SENSE OF HUMOUR ROCKS!

As a form we have settled back down well. We have been well-organised at coming back and if we’ve been unsure about anything we have asked – we are a confident group. We are also very enthusiastic about most things! Although we are quite talkative (loud and proud!) and a bit chaotic, we have abided by the rules and listen to what our teachers say. We can be passionate and speak our opinions (in a good way). We like working as a team and are sociable. Finally, 10N appreciate that things are different for our new normal and an advantage of this is that we are getting to know each other through these hard times.”

10P     Form tutor: Mr Farrell
“When I asked my fellow classmates "what makes our form the best?" there were many different responses. The first quality that was said is that we are honest. We are honest because we help each other out and if anyone is doing something wrong we make sure that we help each other out to resolve the situation. We give honest, constructive criticism in order to better ourselves, our classmates and our work. By doing things like this we become closer as a form; being close was another quality expressed. On the contrary, we make sure that we go out of our way to congratulate and celebrate each others' achievements. We are a very happy form and by doing this, it reinforces our happiness. As well as this, we are a very kind and compassionate form and when someone looks upset or say that they are feeling down we make sure that we listen, care and empathise with them. No one ever feels alone. Even though we are all unique and have our individual like and dislikes, we make sure that we listen and accept other people's views and opinions. All of these factors and characteristics show to me that 10P really cares and I'm sure that anyone who spend the time getting to know us will understand what I mean. “ Millie Cowling 10P (School Council Form Rep)

10S      Form tutor: Mrs Clay
“In a year 8 challenge the form devised the slogan ‘10s is the best’ and I may be biased but I have to agree with them! They pride themselves on their sporting prowess- not only are there some elite athletes in the form but also they all pull together to participate in house sports events and they are very competitive and successful as well as fully supportive of me and each other. They are also very creative and musically talented and pursue diverse hobbies out of school. Their team spirit is amazing. They are a really varied group in terms of their personalities and interests and yet what it great about them is how they embrace diversity and really respect each other and get on harmoniously. They are lively and spirited with a great sense of fun but also understand when it is time to knuckle down and concentrate on their work. They are such a pleasure to spend time with each day.”