"An outstanding Girls' Grammar School with a Mixed Sixth Form"
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We are delighted to report that further to the Ofsted inspection in February 2020, Spalding High School has retained its 'Outstanding' classification.

Please click here to see the official OFSTED report.


Spalding High School was last visited by Ofsted in June 2009 and received a judgement of “Outstanding”.  We believe that this judgement still applies and work hard to ensure that our provision, outcomes and support are the very best that they can be.

The Senior Leadership Team, School Governors and middle leaders have a robust approach to the education we provide and rigorous quality assurance takes place across the year.
As a community school we are monitored each year by the Local Authority and on our last review in October 2018, were judged that our provision, outcomes, self-evaluation and planning remain “outstanding”.
Our annual Parental Questionnaire Executive Summary (parents’ drop down menu) also provides an important quality assurance and evaluation check.

As one of the few remaining Local Authority Community secondary schools in Lincolnshire, we work closely with the Local Authority team and this year have asked for monitoring reviews on (1) Leadership and Governance and (2) Pupil Premium & vulnerable groups. Both have been very positive.  We have recently completed a whole school safeguarding audit and whilst we are satisfied that all procedures and practices are in place, we have asked for the Local Authority to validate this in our next monitoring visit in the summer term.

It is not just the Local Authority team that we work with closely.  For the last two years, the Spalding Secondary School Heads have met on a regular basis (at least monthly) and this has resulted in a close working relationship not previously seen.  We have created and implemented a primary liaison project for pupils in Years 4 and 5 with a number of our feeder schools. Pupils visit the High, the Grammar and the Gleed and access specialist rooms, resources and subject specific teachers to broaden their experiences and knowledge in subjects such as Textiles, Food Technology, Product Design and Science.

The Spalding Secondary Schools are also collaborating at whole school level too.  In January 2016 a joint Teaching and Learning Inset Day was held and following the launch presentation by the three Head Teachers, subject staff and departments spent the day discussing curriculum innovation, learning resources, new specifications and assessment structures.  This has led to on-going and exciting departmental collaboration and projects which will benefit teaching and learning and the experiences of Spalding students.  The three head teachers are so committed to this level of collaboration that funding is available to support departments in working together further and another joint teaching and learning Inset Day is being planned for 2016/17.

It doesn’t stop there!
School leaders are taking the education agenda back into their own hands and school to school support, monitoring and review are now part of our everyday way of working.  Spalding High School is a proactive member of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership and in a joint collaboration group known as the Welland Schools’ Partnership with the following schools:

Deepings School    
Giles Academy    
Sir John Gleed School   
Spalding Grammar School     
Stamford Welland Academy
Kesteven & Sleaford High School  

We have asked that our School to School review supports the work outlined in the Vision and Direction document (see parents’ drop down menu) to improve the quality of assessment and feedback.  This is a whole school area for improvement and a key element of not just the School Development Plan but every Departmental Evaluation and Planning Document too.  We have already conducted a number of joint SLT/Middle Leaders’ work scrutinies on this theme across the course of the year and are now looking for external review and moderation from our Learning Partners in our summer (Term 6) school to school review.