"An outstanding Girls' Grammar School with a Mixed Sixth Form"
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Year 8


Assistant Head - Main School (Yrs 7 - 10)
Mr B Love
Head of Main School & responsibility for Year 7
Mrs A Schwarz
Student Support Coordinator (Yrs 7 - 10)
Mrs T Jarvis

Year 8 HOY - Miss H Lee


8C Mrs C Jones
8J Miss E O'Sullivan
8N Miss S Bailey
8P Mrs E Busfield/Miss C Barlow
8S Miss E Ashley


Mrs Donna Williams
Mrs Claudia Chandler


All about us


We are 8C and we are creative and full of magnificent ideas. We love helping charities and taking part in fundraisers. Many of our fellow students are on school sports teams have assisted the team in being successful. We love that the school has now opened up more, and cannot wait to see what exciting opportunities that will bring!


We are 8J! Collectively as a form we are resilient, hardworking and intelligent. We are always willing to learn and always try our best. Our form netball team won first place in the form netball competition and the form dance squad came in at a respectable second in the dance competition. As a form we contribute to many activities outside of school such as gymnastics, golf, kickboxing, acting, netball, hockey, tennis, cricket, and horse riding.


8N have come from 13 different schools, and we all have lots of different traits. Some of our achievements are that we won the dragons den competition in Year 7, with the Spensio pen, designed by three of the students. We also came second in our first ever Sport’s Day, which we are really proud of! We have also won multiple sports fixtures! Many of our class takes part in lunchtime clubs such as football, netball, and especially choir – with over half our class taking part! There is a large variety of favourite subjects in our form.


Hello! We are 8P! We are crazy and fun. Not to toot our own horn but we are the best form. We all share the same interests such as playing football outside. We are like a big family – we always support each other. We are sporty, fun and energetic. We help each other with school work. We are all outgoing and amazing. We are not fools because we are so cool! We are 8P!


Hello! We are 8S (the best form)

We are arty, we love music, we all have a wide variety of interests. We always try our hardest and we love a good competition - we won the Y7 Xmas tree competition, we are undefeatable at benchball and we are the current Y8 quizmasters!
Three of us have created beautiful puddings for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee; we would love to have them featured at the street parties and meet Mary Berry.
This form includes a future Premier League footballer, a future nutritionist with her own published cookbook, two future Hollywood stars and the future Prime Minister!