"An outstanding Girls' Grammar School with a Mixed Sixth Form"
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Cultural Evening

Modern Foreign Languages - Cultural evening 2

The event was an intellectual yet pleasurable evening in which we had the chance to mingle with other students with whom we shared a common passion - languages.  I found this evening a chance to further improve my language skills whilst playing games such as Taboo in our target language, and also an opportunity to socialise.  Even if we didn't study the same language as somebody else, there was always time to chat over a slice of cake.  In attending the evening I have further improved my confidence in speaking foreign languages, a skill which is extremely important in my upcoming exams, and I have strengthened my relationships with many of my classmates.  I will definitely be attending the Cultural Evening of 2017, sans aucum doute!

Abbie Underwood Y12


Modern Foreign Languages - Cultural evening 3

The Cultural Evening I attended was very enjoyable. We played a variety of games and used a variety of levels of French language, from basic things I needed to recap to high level French that is very relevant to my French AS exams. It was nice to see how popular languages are by seeing all the people that turned up, who I am sure enjoyed an educational and fun night as much as I did.

Stephanie Humphreys


Student views on the Cultural Evening 2016

At the Cultural Evening students were able to indulge themselves in the language they study and to converse with fellow linguists from other schools. It was extremely enjoyable and beneficial to participate in various games and conversations with fellow students and teachers and discuss topics in foreign languages that we do not normally discuss in class and give our personal opinions on certain issues. Overall, in my opinion, the Cultural Evening was a tremendous success as members of all schools gathered to explore their love of language further and in an enjoyable way.

Lauren Oglesby

Modern Foreign Languages - Cultural evening 1

What an experience! While cultivating my interest in languages, I also made friends with people who I haven't spoken to before and it felt like a massive community who all shared the same passion.

Abigail Thackray

The Cultural Evening held at SHS was an opportunity for local students to explore the languages which they spend their time studying in a new and involving way, bouncing ideas off students from other schools and working in teams to share information in order to achieve victory. For me, the best part was having the chance to practise without the pressure to be perfect that is often felt with school work, and instead a desire to contribute to the group tasks and help achieve a mutual goal. Even those who struggled to settle in succeeded in laughing by the end of the night and I think it is a safe assumption to say that everyone found something enjoyable about the evening, even if it was only the regular rounds of tempting cake that was impossible to resist, and that whilst the things we came away with were different, we all learnt something new and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Francesca Bolton