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Careers Education & Guidance

Careers Information and Guidance

Careers education at Spalding High School is taught through the PSHCE Programme in Lower School and through dedicated Careers lessons in the Sixth Form. The Careers Education and Guidance programme aims to prepare young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life, so that they can make and implement well-informed and realistic decisions about their future.

From Year 7 students are encouraged to develop key personal skills, set targets and begin to explore the world of work learning about factors such as soft skills, introduction to STEM and Careers Stereotyping.

In Year 8 students are given the opportunity to participate in the Real Game activity - a lifestyle, learning and earning resource, which allows students to explore adult life. Through the game students experience a range of different learning styles to develop employability and key skills. Students also spend time learning about STEM to widen their knowledge of future career paths.

In Year 9 students are introduced to the Higher Ideas programme, which helps them to find courses appropriate to their interests, career ambitions, and current studies and compare various learning paths by using the expertly researched study areas. Students are also introduced to the Lincolnshire Careers Service and begin writing their Careers Plans, which will be continually reviewed throughout the rest of their school years. In preparation for GCSE options, students also get the opportunity to attend the Options Fair, as well as the Options Evening which takes place for parents.

In Year 10 students have time to revisit their initial careers plans and update these where necessary. They spend the majority of the first part of the year preparing for their work experience.  This takes place for 8 days in March, offering a valuable opportunity for students to experience the world of work and develop employability skills. In preparation for their placement, students learn how to produce a CV and covering letter and learn valuable skills such as interview techniques and Health & Safety in the workplace.  Please click on the ‘Work Experience’ link for more information.

In Year 11 students get further opportunities to revisit and review their career plans to help them focus on future aspirations.  Students have the opportunity to experience life in the Sixth Form and are provided with information on other local Sixth Form/College open days.   Any students requiring additional advice and guidance have the opportunity of a Careers Interview with Senior Staff and/or a Lincolnshire Careers Service Advisor if necessary. 

Sixth Form
Sixth Form students receive a designated careers lesson every two weeks. This provides the opportunity to obtain advice, guidance and skills in many areas and to research higher education/apprenticeships and the world of work.  In April there is a Parents’ Information Evening for parents and students to find out about UCAS applications and student finance.  In addition to this, in July, Year 12 students have a personal statement writing day to receive guidance on drafting their personal statements. On this day we also have a workshop for students who do not wish to apply for higher education, with Apprenticeship guidance available. 

Careers Talks
Throughout the year we have a number of outside speakers attend on a Friday afternoon from various sectors, to present to students and give advice and guidance in their area of expertise.  These talks are open to all Year 11, 12 & 13 students wishing to find out more about a particular career.  This offers students an excellent opportunity to hear first-hand experience and ask questions, to help them fully understand the different areas of work and the best routes into these.