"An outstanding Girls' Grammar School with a Mixed Sixth Form"

Science Plus

Monday at 1pm in Lab 5

All pupils are welcome to drop in and talk to a Biology, Chemistry or Physics specialist for support with homework, a topic they have not fully understood, revision or Science specific skills.


Science Masterclasses

Thursday 1.25 Lab 5

Short revision sessions on keys topics throughout the year for Year 11 students. Students should sign up by the end of Wednesday, on the sheet outside Mrs Gregory's offoce.


Exam Dates


Examinations in all three sciences during the school exam weeks.


Mock examinations in January.

All final examinations in the scheduled examination tametable



Teaching of the course will start in Year 9 in all three Sciences. This is to ensure that the full GCSE course is covered.

In both Y10 and Y11, there will be ten or eleven periods of science per fortnight, with Biology, Chemistry and Physics being taught separately by specialist staff. Pupils will be set according to their ability, demonstrated by their performance in Key Stage 3. 

We currently study the EDEXCEL GCSE Science courses. In Year 9 students will be prepared for the three Separate Science GCSE examinations on a higher tier. At the end of Year 9 pupils can choose to continue on this route or chnage onto the Combined Science route. Student progress will be monitored closely and their examination entry can be adjusted to allow them to achieve their best result. We have the options of foundation tier entry in one or more subject and also a later change onto Combined Science.

The specifications for the courses can be accessed on the EDEXCEL website using the following course codes -
Biology - 1BI0
Chemistry - 1CH0
Physics - 1PH0
Combined Science - 1SC0

Assessment Objectives and weightings
In the examination, students will be tested on the following areas:

  AO1 Knowledge and understanding (40%)
  AO2  Application of knowledge and understanding (40%)
  AO3  Analysis information and Ideas( 20-%)


Year 10 Topics

Year 11 Topics


Cell Division

Plant Transport

More Hormones


Nervous System

Circulatory systems

Nutrient Cycles and feeding Humans



Year 10 Topics

Year 11 Topics

Ionic and Covalent Bonding & test

Mole Calculations & test

Periodic Table & test

Acids & Alkalis & test

Crude Oil & Burning Fuels & test

Energetics & Equilibria & test

Cracking & Polymers & test

Electrolysis & test

Metals & test

 Carboxylic acids and alcohols


Year 10 Topics

Year 11 Topics




Mains Electricity

Energy Resources

Electromagnetic Spectrum



Further Light (not Combined Science)


Solar System (not Combined Science)

Charge (not Combined Science)


Nuclear Power


Force and Motion

Gas Laws