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Maths Challenge Mania 06/02/2017

Over 200 students from Spalding High School took to the examination hall on Thursday 2nd February in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge, a nationwide competition whereby students aged 16 and below sit a grueling test of problem solving and are awarded bronze, silver and gold certificates for exceptional performance.


Opened to year 11, along with a selection of the upper sets in years 10 and 9, the challenge is incredibly popular among students, with many entries and certificates given out for every challenge. However, though pupils may boast dozens of certificates each year for the school, the challenge is most successful in inspiring the pupils, as they leave the exam hall debating the taxing problems, and developing the same problem solving skills which will be tested in their GCSE examinations.


It is hoped that the popularity and success of previous years will continue to grow in the years to come, as students soar to new highs and the Department of Maths continues to excel. 

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