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Is Feminism Dead? 29/01/2017

Has Feminism Lost Its Relevance?


In a world governed by social justice warriors and their conflicting ideologies regarding societal tolerance, acceptance of all and the overwhelming desire for civil equilibrium, the term feminism is thrown around carelessly, losing its former importance in the ghost of patriarchy past. Now linked with radical actions and misandry, the term that once stood for gender equality has somehow begun to oppress alternatively, and represent female superiority, incorrectly.


Perhaps the days when women fought for gender equality against the overwhelming odds, martyring themselves and sacrificing livelihoods for justice, are over, but in so many more ways is feminism still relevant in our society – the same society that shames men who show emotion and legally forces women to wear high heels to work.


And yet, it seems any mention of the word feminism is met by a torrent of suspicion, whereby our minds may instantly jump to the conclusion of some misandrist burning her bra. Indeed, it could be fair to argue that in this new age, feminism has been diluted by falsified uses, exploited by the mainstream media for ratings, or relevance. Social media, of course, cannot be solely to blame for this watered-down gender equality, however we are undeniably inundated with quasi-feminist proclamations in everyday life; naked ‘selfies’ have become the new female empowerment, and the real role models are struck to the wayside by undressed celebrities justifying their selfish desire for followers by some weak validation of their societally accepted womanism. Devaluing the heroic efforts of real justice fighters, such as Malala Yousafzai, these publicity stunts forefront the headlines, stripping feminism of its well-deserved importance.


Alas, perhaps feminism has lost its former meaning, however in no way is it less important and required in society – and any action even somewhat acting towards justice and equality, as degrading or detrimental it may seem to some, at very least provides exposure for the ever-necessary campaign.

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