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Why I'm in mourning for the Obamas... 26/01/2017

Unless you have gone into hibernation, or have just decided not to get out of bed for a week, you will probably know that the Obama family will be moving house. And contrary to the common theme of 90% of newspaper articles of the last fourteen days, I am not going to talk about how atrociously awful the victory was, although I did have to worm my opinion into this somehow. This is my eulogy to the 'coolest' President there has been, and will ever be. Rest in peace Obama presidency, you will be sorely missed. 


'Why do you love Obama so much?' came the somewhat bemused cries of those around me, whilst I religiously shared post after post on Facebook marking this truly devastating occasion. Well, ladies and gentlemen, why would you not fall head over heels in love with the first African American president with a modern day wonder-woman for a wife? Barack Obama simply oozes cool, with various clips of him dancing, taking selfies and being inundated with babies dominating the internet, with around 87% of them gravitating towards my Facebook wall, and every other social media platform on which I have an account on.


Arguably, my love for the Royal family is about as strong as my love for the Obamas, so as you can imagine the various encounters between the two have been nothing short of miraculous for me. Their bond with several members of the royal family have resulted in some of the most heart warming pictures of them: undoubtedly my favourite has to be the president greeting, somewhat unsuccessfully, Prince George in his dressing gown. 


As well as being an all round decent human being, unlike other presidential candidates ( I need not say anymore), Barack Obama is husband to the downright marvellous being that is Michelle Obama. From fighting tirelessly for education for girls, to rapping to Missy Elliott songs on James Corden's infamous 'Carpool Karaoke', she is the most real, and down to earth First Lady of the White House. And if you haven't seen the clip of Michelle and Ellen DeGeneres shopping in CVS, please enlighten yourself, it is a guaranteed laugh and will prove my current state of mourning for that woman.


Dubbed America's effortlessly cool president, Barack Obama and his family will go down in history, for many more reasons than one. And if you haven't fallen in love with his infectious smile, his jokes that he manages to slip into his political speeches and his superlative choice of wife, then you probably won't understand my current state of mourning. If you have, come and join me, and we can reminisce together. Barack and Michelle Obama, forever in my heart.


And with that, I just have two more words to say "Obama out" 

*drops mic*








Emily Smith 

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